Happy News Article


In the Happy News article titled Boy With Cancer Plays His Favorite Soccer Team. He was fighting cancer at the time. He wanted to help his team the Green machine. His favorite team is The Portland Timbers. His favorite player on the team was Will Johnson. and not let them down. His name is  Atticus Lane Dupre. He scored four goals. The team beat them ten to nine. After the game was over his favorite player on the team came over and switched jerseys with him.  His team was so proud of him. They were happy that he made it to the game. He never gives up. If you want to learn more about it click on the link above.

Volleyball Photo Peach

Volleyball on PhotoPeach

This is a Slide show of my volleyball team. I am number 11. I really like volleyball. There is a team picture. Number 8 Is Sydney, Number 7 is Claire , Number 12 is Hannah, Number 3 is Maddie, Number 20 Is Taylor. That is most of the players on my team.

All I Know About 1/4

I will tell you all the things  I know about one forth in the following sentences.


One forth is in a ruler

One forth is a Fraction

You can count by fourths on a ruler

You can cut any thing into fourths

You can do a addition problem with fractions

You can cut any thing into fourths

There are fourths in a dollar

One fourth of a hour is 15 minutes

cut a kit cat in fourths you get one fourth      If you cut a pie into four parts each part is one fourth

If you cut a orange in fourths you have four pieces.


Sled Riding

I went sled riding on Sunday. I went on my red sled and it went very fast. My dad spined me very fast. I went on the red one with my brother. I went on the red one with my dad. We fell off the first time but the second time we went down and almost hit the tree. My mom went on the red one with my brother and sister. I did not get a chance to go with my mom but the next I will.